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A Hot, Dust Filled Kenya 2023

I enjoyed a lovely flight returning to Kenya, chasing the waning moon the whole way. Although no Northern Lights to marvel at, like the last flight. That was a true magic light show.

I walked off the plane to find a HOT, DUST FILLED Kenya! Every day I sweep my room and fill my dust bin with half the Sahara. When you blow your nose, it looks like you've been snorting licorice! Last November a deep refreshing rain soaked the land We thought the drought was behind us. Sadly, the drought returned ten-fold and brought a rare, cold wind. It was so sad see our already suffering crops and grasses burnt to a crisp brown.

On a brighter note, my two favorite constellations greet me as I arise in the early morning. The Southern Cross is just setting and Scorpio continues to stand tall and beautiful. The stars are bright as we wait for the moon to appear and keep us company on our daily walk.

The kids are back in school with a very late start at the end of January. So far things are moving smoothly and we are getting everyone settled back into a routine. While there are always hiccups, Hannah and Susan are an experienced team and get the bumps smoothed out quickly.

With gratitude for your support as I wait for the rains,

Susanne Garrison


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