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We believe education is the key to leading a healthy, successful life. To support children in Kenya and the U.S. to receive an education, we implement a number of diverse initiatives.


From providing health services to school supplies, we fill the need wherever it may be. Our small size allows us to approach every situation we encounter with a unique solution and individualized assistance.

We're committed to removing barriers to education for children in Kenya & beyond.


Where We Started:

While in Kenya assisting a cheetah conservation program, Founder Susanne's heart was deeply moved when she was introduced to children whose impoverished families were unable to meet their basic needs, much less send them to school.

Susanne realized that the success of any conservation effort was dependent upon the health and education of African youth. In 2002 Wana Duma (Swahili for “Many Little Cheetahs") was born to help Kenyan families pursue their dreams of education, sustainable employment and conservation of their environment.

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