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The work at Wana Duma would not be possible without our hard-working team in Kenya and the U.S.


Paul Mbugua Kamani

Property Foreman, Kenya

Paul has a background in mechanics, trucking and road project management. He also joined the team in 2014. His expertise is invaluable, especially in managing our water pump, irrigation system, two acre vegetable garden and our reforestation effort. As one of 12 children his calm demeanor and strong work ethic is a great example for our kids, many of whom do not have a strong male role model in their life.



Student Advocate, Kenya

The most recent addition to our Kenyan team, Hanna, was a former student in our project. She now uses her social work education to effectively advocate for our kids with schools and the local government, including child protective services.

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Linda Langkow

Program Director, U.S.

Email updates? Community shoe drive? Fundraising letter? Linda's varied background experience allows her to handle the range of tasks Wana Duma throws at her.  She resides on Camano Island, which is 90 minutes north of Seattle, and enjoys being in close proximity to the area where the Board of Directors reside. 


Susan Nyambura

Director, Kenya

Susan Nyambura was born and raised in Kenya and Uganda. She has been working with Wana Duma Children's Project since 2008. A talented communicator, Susan speaks English, Swahili and five tribal dialects.  Susan is a vital link because she has a unique ability to connect with our families as well as advocate on their behalf with local schools and government.

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Board of Directors

With wisdom and laughter this dedicated group of volunteers are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future.  Their love for the children of Wana Duma is joyously expressed in many ways, including several time comsuming but rewarding fundraisers in the Pacific Northwest.


Susanne Garrison

Founder & President, Board of Directors

Susanne first traveled to Africa in 1994 while working with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Wana Duma Children's Project began eight years later when she committed to funding school fees for 30 local primary-school children. Her commitment to these kids quickly expanded when she realized that empowering each child to stay in school and find sustainable employment required comprehensive wrap-around support. Today, 120 students and their families take steps towards self-sufficiency through our project.

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