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Donate today to remove barriers to education for children in Kenya.
Create an opportunity.

The price of a uniform may be all that's standing between a child and their education. Your donation can provide a life-changing opportunity.

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Can provide one month of food support for a family


Can provide a child with a school uniform, shoes and supplies

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Can provide a prosthetic limb for someone in need

Why support Wana Duma?

  • Unparalleled success - the students in our program finish their traditional or vocational education and secure sustainable employment at a rate far above average.

  • Our unique approach and individualized assistance helps families thrive.

  • Our founder is on-site nine months a year, ensuring efficient use of funds.

  • After closing 95% of the local children's projects due to corruption, Kenyan Child Protective Services recommends Wana Duma as a model project.

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