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Our Approach to Health:

Years ago, Wana Duma was asked to assist 30 mothers that were battling aids. We provided medicine, vitamins and supplements to those initial women in our program. The results were life-changing. 


Since then our services have expanded dramatically. Our health initiatives are twofold: we provide consistent services for children, mothers and grandmothers in the Gilgil region as well as fund critical surgeries for individuals from the Samburu Tribe.

A successful community starts with healthy children and families. We know that for the children in our program to thrive at school and in life, they need adequate healthcare for themselves, nutritious meals at home and healthy parents.


It’s our mission to ensure those in our program receive the support and care they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Our Actions:

Family Support is one of our primary health initiatives in the Gilgil region. This includes our Food Program, rental assistance and any miscellaneous essentials a family may need, such as blankets, vitamins or a little extra cash for transportation. 


In addition to Family Support, we often cover a variety of medical costs. Some individuals in our program require regular treatment for ongoing issues for which we'll pay for. We also cover the price of prescriptions as needed and distribute vitamins and supplements to those suffering from nutritional deficiencies.


By offering preventative measures, including health insurance and mosquito nets, we can often confront problems before they arise. Outbreaks of malaria, dengue and chikungunya fever are common in Kenya, especially during the rainy season.


Our operations in Samburu consist primarily of funding critical medical services for members of the Samburu Tribe who live in the isolated highlands between the Matthews and Ndoto Mountains. Working with our partners in the region we’re able to reach individuals that would otherwise not have access to these essential services. 


There are very few medical clinics in the region capable of performing serious treatment, so logistics and transportation are usually an initial barrier while the lack of funding is another. Our partnership with the Miglis Trust has been vital in providing life-saving services to the Samburu people.

The Outcomes:

Wana Duma has provided treatment, funding and services to hundreds of individuals over the years. We’ve funded the fitting of prosthetic limbs in Samburu, allowing the recipients to walk again and join their tribesmen in herding and protecting livestock. We've provided treatment for cancer patients, burn victims and various chronic conditions. We've also enabled over 100 individuals to have the critical surgeries that they need for a better life.


The preventative measures we’ve incorporated have been helpful in avoiding mosquito-borne illnesses in a country that suffers from 3.5 million new cases of malaria each year. The health insurance we offer provides a necessary safety net to avoid costly medical bills and unexpected fees.


Health problems have a larger impact than the direct symptoms alone. The stress of treatment costs can prevent people from focusing on the important things in life – like their family or education. Rather than worrying about that next medical bill, parents can prioritize caring for their children and children can worry about their next test. Our Family Support program and various other health services help families and children overcome barriers to living a healthy and happy life.

Help us provide health services to those in need.
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