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Our Approach to Education:

Education is a basic human right. It’s one of the most important tools in escaping poverty, living a good life and creating a strong community. Unfortunately, there are millions of children around the world who never have the opportunity to receive an education.


There are many potential barriers to education in Kenya. Many are direct, such as school fees, lack of supplies or proximity to school. Others may be less obvious, yet equally significant, such as an unstable homelife, a shortage of food or being pushed to work full-time at a young age. Although the challenges may be great, we know that the solutions are available. We just need your help to achieve them.


Wana Duma is committed to removing barriers to education in Kenya and beyond. For more than 20 years, we have been working to support and advocate for children and families. We find and implement unique solutions to ensure every child in our program has access to a quality education and the resources they need to succeed.

Our Actions:

When working with students, we identify the roadblocks of each child enrolled in our program and determine the best route to success. Food, housing, clothing, transportation, tuition and supplies are assessed individually and challenges are met with targeted, child-specific solutions. As the needs are varied, so are our initiatives.


Public school in Kenya is far from free. School fees are fairly expensive in relation to the average wage, as are the required uniforms and shoes. A single mother may spend upwards of a month’s wage on the uniform alone. Too often the cost of clothing and supplies is all that stands between an eager student full of potential and their right to an education.


In some circumstances, Wana Duma comes in to supply uniforms, shoes and supplies. In others, our social workers advocate on behalf of children to find a good school within reach.


Based on the situation, we may also provide rental assistance, food programs or anything else that is standing in the way of a quality education. We stay closely involved with each child’s progress to help them navigate their educational path successfully.

The Outcomes:

We have helped over 250 children achieve a primary and secondary school education, as well as a handful through university. Our small size allows us to have a personal relationship with each student so we can make sure they have the resources to thrive. Because of our individualized approach to education, our students graduate at a rate well above average.  


Working with each child and family on a per case basis, we often help them choose between secondary school, vocational school and eventually university. In addition to the many students who graduate on a traditional track, we’ve also assisted students to pursue certificates in carpentry, electrical, hairdressing, auto mechanics, catering, drivers education and more. 


As the students graduate and become part of the larger community, we continue to mentor and support young leaders through Continuing Education Programs. Wana Duma alumni work in government positions, as business owners, as mechanical engineers and all over Kenya as well-rounded, contributing citizens.

Help us remove barriers to education in Kenya.
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