Why Kenya?

While in Kenya assisting a cheetah conservation program, Founder Susanne's heart was deeply moved when she was introduced to children whose impoverished families were unable to meet their basic needs, much less send them to school. 


Susanne realized that the success of any conservation effort was dependent upon the health and education of African youth.  In 2002 Wana Duma (Swahili for “Cheetah Children") was born to help Kenyan families pursue their dreams of education, sustainable employment, and conservation of their environment.

Why Support Wana Duma?

> Unparelleled success - all of our youth finish traditional or vocational education and secure sustainable employment.

> Our individualized assistance keeps families together.

> Our founder is on-site nine months a year, ensuring efficient use of funds.


> After closing 95% of the local children's projects due to corruption, Kenyan Child Protective Services recommends Wana Duma as a model project.

Food, Wellness, Education

Medical Aid to Tribal People

Environmental Conservation

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  • Food and Vitamins

  • Medical Aid and Insurance

  • School Supplies, Uniforms, Fees

  • Educational Advocacy

  • Medical Clinics

  • Comprehensive Medical Support:

    • transportation

    • translation and medical advocacy

    • temporary housing

  • Water for the Community

  • Indigenous Tree Reforestation

  • Irrigated Vegetable Garden

  • Care for Local Abandoned Pets

Wana Duma Children's Project

Info@WanaDuma.org; Facebook/WanaDuma


P.O. Box 1029, Stanwood WA 98292