Food, Wellness, Education - Fall 2019 Update

WDCP continues to help 80-120 kids and their families with basic needs, emergency medical coverage and, of course, school fees and uniforms, including the required black shoes.  As you all know, school is not free in Africa, and the “fees” are assessed with no rhyme or reason. We are thankful for our Kenyan staff who communicate with the school on behalf our students. If Founder Susanne, a westerner, shows up – the fees immediately increase!

Unfortunately, this past year has been our most expensive school term to date and we were worried not every fee would be covered. However, the generous gifts from you, our extended Wana Duma Family, kept coming in and we were able to meet every child's school expense!


Medical Aid to Tribal Peoples- Fall 2019 Update

"Sweet 3-year old Nanyaren was born with her bladder outside her body.  She is a member of the nomadic Samburu tribe.  Wana Duma met Nanyaren when her grandmother brought her to our medical clinic for tribal peoples in the Northern Frontier area.  We provide these clinics regularly in partnership with the Milgis Trust.  Jacob, our Milgis assistant, who translates and oversees all medical surgery cases, took them to a Nairobi hospital, which involved hours and hours of driving over very bumpy dirt roads. Unfortunately, due to her ill health, she was sent home to build up her strength. A few months later, they took the trip again and this time she was admitted and her surgery was a success.

Tribal members who have health conditions that leave them incontinent are shunned due to their smell Nanyaren and her mother are now able to join her community and live a normal life.  Wana Duma has been privileged to provide many similar medical interventions that provide health and wellness to individuals and their community. 

Eco-Village - Fall 2019

More water, more gardens and more trees! 4000 trees will be planted by the end of this year!  We are well on way to meeting our goal of a mature five acre forest by 2035.


Additionally, we currently have five 5000 gallon water tanks (and the solar panels, pumps and backup batteries to go with them). The other item essential to the success of any agricultural project in Africa is irrigation pipes, miles of them, dug into the hard, rocky soil.


This past spring, there was much celebration! Paul, property foreman, and Simon and Andrew, compound caretakers, completed the installation of all the irrigation pipes.  The days of  laboriously hand watering trees during months of drought! Upcoming additions to the reforestation project will be able to be irrigated as well - assuring that each new tree will survive and thrive.