Voting open! Help Wana Duma receive $3,000 grant from glassybaby!

Wana Duma Children's Project (WDCP) is honored to be considered for one of the first ever #glassybabygrants. We have already received a grant and now YOU can help determine the level of support. $3,000? $2,000? or $1,000? Any amount will make a difference in the lives of the women and children we serve! (But voting is just plain fun!) LIKE-VOTE-SHARE

picture credit glassybaby

picture credit glassybaby

There is no registration required to vote, it is a one click and you are done! Click HERE to vote for Wana Duma Children's Project or follow the link below:

Each month Seattle-based charity glassybaby will select three deserving charities suggested by their followers to receive a grant. Wana Duma has received a grant for March. For more information and to participate in April's grant, check out glassybaby's blog and Facebook page  

US director Rebecca Kay and WDCP board member Debi Holland had a sweet experience March 20th at the glassybaby store in University Village, Seattle, WA. Read their proposal!

I purchased aquamarine for my beautiful mom, Deborah Holland, who is on the board of Wana Duma Children's Project, where I also work. I would love to see #glassybaby grants connect with Wana Duma to reach even more students and struggling families! Wana Duma Children's Project provides multiple levels of health, wellness, and educational support for women and children in Kenya. Many students live with an aging grandmother, HIV+ single mom, or even a distant relative, having lost one or both of their parents to the AIDS epidemic. Each family has their own set of circumstances and #wanadumachildrensproject works closely to help students gain access to education while keeping families healthy and intact. Sometimes the intervention is a school uniform and pair of shoes, sometimes it is much, much more (family food programs, transportation, medical support, etc). This Washington-based non-profit also works within their community providing scholarships to high school seniors and supporting local outreach centers!

Thank you Rebecca Kay for my lovely gift and nominating Wana Duma Children’s Project for #glassybabygrants. Wana Duma Children's Project works with women and children living at (or below the poverty line) in rural Kenya. Our mission: Believing an education holds the key to a healthy adulthood; Wana Duma Children's Project is dedicated to removing barriers that children in Kenya and elsewhere in the world encounter which impede their access to education. We believe that an educated child who has developed good life-skills is more likely to become a leader, a steward of the environment and help lay the foundation for a stronger community. All of our kids have been affected by the AIDS epidemic losing one or both of their parents to the disease. I am proud of the work we do and the amazing mothers, grandmothers and children we support in Kenya. Thank you glassybaby for all the support you give those in need! #wanadumachildrensproject

Thank you for supporting Wana Duma Children's Project in so many different ways. We truly appreciate our friends near and far who keep us going! Asante Sana!


Rebecca Kay