Easing the Burden

When life is at its' most difficult we often find it is the people surrounding us who can help change the feeling of desperation to determination. That difficult point is exactly where Wana Duma Children's Project (WDCP) operates - right between despair and hopeful determination.

In 2002 WDCP Founder, Susanne Garrison, agreed to personally sponsor 30 orphans - providing shoes, uniforms and supplies so they could attend school. Fast-forwad to 2017 and those grassroots beginnings have grown into Wana Duma Children's Project, an outreach organization seeking to ease the burden for women, children and families in crisis.

Through multiple layers of health and educational support, WDCP provides child and family specific interventions that work.

Susanne, together with WDCP Kenya Director, Susan Nyambura, work tirelessly to make life just a little bit easier for many.

Wana Duma's primary focus remains on education with the understanding that it is the people in a child's life that can help set them up for a successful future.

The people matter: The following are just a few of the many amazing people served Wana Duma Children's Project:

Mama Emily, a 35 year-old HIV+ widow raising 4 young boys on her own.

Cu-cu Patrick (cu-cu is grandmother in swahili) tired from working the field but still has patience with the 5 granddaughters and 2 grandsons in her care.

Mzee Charlie (elder) in failing health who wants the very best for his grandchildren but is worried about feeding them.

Mama Njeri who was affected by leprosy and lived in a barn. Njeri had a smile on her face no matter how poorly she was feeling.

Cu-cu Joyce a strong woman who up to a local politician with the words, "we are poor, not stupid'. She has lost 9 of her children to HIV/AIDS and is guardian to many grandchildren.

And finally, Joseph, adult brother of a WDCP student who needed a safe rented room and care for his final days.

While these stories are sad, the people are not! They know they matter.

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Rebecca Kay